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Hello, Friends!  My name is Tammy and I'm the creative muscle behind Peekaboo Blooms. I'm also a wife, mompreneur, coffee addict, food lover, dessert fanatic, soccer mom, classroom parent, among the other fun hats I get to juggle everyday! 

For as long as I could remember, I've always been involved in anything and everything creative. From doing stage design for our school plays, to studying graphic and industrial design in college, to seamlessly planning and coordinating employee appreciation events during my corporate life - it was as if I've been honing my skills all these years to be a part of the wedding industry!

Fast forward to 2008, my (then) fiancé and I found ourselves planning for our wedding. It was then that I discovered my love for florals and event design. Since our wedding, I've always found myself either playing with flowers, or making flower arrangements for family and friends. And before I know it, I was making centerpieces and styling our friends' weddings and gatherings! 

So in 2015, I finally took a leap of faith and started Peekaboo Blooms!  No other name is more fitting for it is my motto that every event should be eye-popping and memorable! Plus, it's a tribute to my two toddler sons in tow at the birth of Peekaboo Blooms. They've always made my flower journey extra fun and exciting!

Come, let's make beauty and memories together!

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