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Anniversary at the Lake

Updated: Jun 6, 2018

So what would a creative do with the knowledge that her friend is about to celebrate her 10th year of wedded bliss? Like any wedding florist would, I created a bouquet, hairpiece and a boutonniere; then pitched an idea my friend immediately jumped into! I made a few calls to a few friendors who wanted to collaborate on past projects and boom! We got a mini photoshoot! Thanks to Ana Silva Photography and Styles by Ann Diary, we were able to put these memorable pics on the last sunny day of February!

Venue: Chabot Park

Hair & Makeup: Styles by Ann Diary

Accessories: Francesca's

A whimsical bouquet for our playful Bride!

Looking so whimsical and fresh as the lake breeze...

Who wouldn't want a floral hairpiece for a more glammed up look!

What a smile!

A boutonniere for the Groom!

Yummy blooms to die for!

Flowing like the breeze...

That look that says "We're in this together for 10, 20, even 30 more years!"

Let's do this!

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